Important Information about the Covid-19/Coronavirus

Let me begin by stating that recent events related to COVID-19, and the outfall from them, are trying times for our residents, our village staff, our police, fire, ambulance departments. Our first priority is to the residents of our village, and as such, we are following the guidelines and protocols on how best to navigate through this for our residents’ health, welfare, and safety. We ask all our residents to follow the self guide protocol to minimize exposure

Learn more preventative tips:

1. CDC
2. New York State Department of Health
3. Orange County Department of Health
4. Or contact me at Village Hall: 845-782-8341

Remember to:

1. Wash hands frequently after you have been in the public.
2. Use hand sanitizer when available, with a minimum of 60% alcohol content.
3. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
4. Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
5. Cover your mouth or nose when you cough or sneeze.
6. Wear a facemask if you are sick.
7. Stay home if you are sick, except to seek medical attention.

We ask the public to work with the health department agencies, our volunteer fire and ambulance agencies, our police department, and village employees during the course of these events. This will allow them to be the most efficient in dispensing information and resources. We will continue to offer information to the public as it comes forward to us.

Additionally, I encourage all our residents to join my board and myself to consider supporting our local businesses during this most difficult economic time, which is directly affecting them, and as a result, our community. Consider purchasing gift certificates now that you can use at another time in restaurants, as well as other business services. I, along with my board, have spent the last several days walking through the business community, offering our support and guidance on any issues they may be facing.

Shop/Support Local

I also ask that we all reflect on the strains that this environment is placing on our supermarkets and other retail outlets. Please consider your neighbors and other shoppers when making purchases, as the shortages have very common themes, and the retail model has difficulties maintaining the gap between store and warehouse.

We as a community have shown time and again, through some very difficult periods, charity, goodness, and a sincere concern for each other. Let this be another shining example of who we are.

Very truly yours,

Neil S. Dwyer
Mayor, Village of Monroe