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Village of Monroe, NY

Monroe-NY Photo: Madeline Abreu Photograph
Photo: Madeline Abreu Photograph

Village of Monroe NY. Photo: Madeline Abreu Photography

Message from Mayor Dwyer

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
Today, my Thanksgiving prayer is that; we as a community, blessed beyond measure, know that our gifts are each other, for each other.

As this year unfolds and 2023 comes to a close, I continue to be thankful to serve this community. I am thankful to read, hear and see the goodness shared with each other, the heartfelt concerns and actions so many have taken, whether to feed, clothe, offer support and or a leg up when the chips were down.

I ask for your continued thoughts and prayers for our nation’s military, their families, our first responders; the Police, Firefighters, EMTs and their families who selflessly give so much and without hesitation, assuring us that we are protected, our families are safe, our community and country is secure.

Let’s take the time to appreciate our families, friends, and neighbors, making ourselves fully aware of all that we have been given, and to reflect and never allow the shortness of harsh words or unworthy deeds deter us from concerning ourselves in what makes us who we are: A/Com/mu/ni/ty

On behalf of my Board of Trustees and our staff we wish everyone a blessed Thanksgiving. God Bless Monroe and our USA.
Neil S. Dwyer
Village of Monroe

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Monroe-NY Photo: Madeline Abreu Photograph
Photo: Madeline Abreu Photograph

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the Village of Monroe has
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acres of public parklands
population as of 2020

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