Temporary Moratorium On Development Approvals

The purpose of this local law is to temporarily suspend requirements to approve developments while the Village considers changes to its comprehensive plan and considers and adopts changes to its land use regulations.

This local law is intended to allow the Village to maintain the land use status quo while it amends its comprehensive plan and land use regulations to provide for controlled growth that will not unduly impact the public welfare, community services, schools and infrastructure, to preserve open space, protect historic buildings and scenic features important to the Village’s character, and to plan for a proper mix of residential and commercial development.

This stop gap or interim measure is intended to preserve the status quo pending the adoption of an amended comprehensive plan and amended planning and zoning regulations in accordance with the newly revised comprehensive plan. The overall purpose of this local law is to promote community planning values by regulating land development based on a carefully considered plan. This local law prevents a “race of diligence” by those seeking to obtain approvals before the new

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