Oct 11 2022


8:00 pm

Zoning Board Meeting

Date: Tuesday, October 11, 2022
Time: 8pm
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1. The application of Ziad Abou El Ardat, for an area variance from the Table of District Use
and Bulk Regulations, SR-20 Zoning District, to add a 15’ two-story addition to a singlefamily house which will have less than the required minimum side yard setback of 20’
(14.5’ is proposed). The property which is the subject of action by the Board is located in
SR-20 district and is identified as Section: 230 Block: 2 Lot: 3 on the Tax Map of the
Village of Monroe and is known as 97 Fredrick Drive.
2. Adopt decision for W.C. Lincoln
3. Approve September 13, 2022 minutes
4. Old Business:
5. New Business: Local Law 9
6. New Application: 11 Hillside Terr
7. Adjournment