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Mayor's Message

Dear Neighbors and friends,

Reflecting on Sunday, traditionally a day to stop at the coffee shop, pick up a coffee and some buttered rolls to bring home to family. Maybe getting your kids on the field or the backyard or breaking bread with friends and family around the table. Maybe take a drive along a tree lined road. The deep breath you will take first thing in the morning is when you know that this is a new day with all kinds of opportunities.

These things all happen because we are given the absolute freedom to live and participate in a free society, paid for by the men and women who took an oath to protect and defend those freedoms at all costs.

This week, we lost 11 Marines, 1 Soldier, 1 Sailor, servicemen who gave their final measure doing their job without exception, protecting folks they may or may not have known, but it didn’t matter to them.

They did their duty to preserve the freedoms that we enjoy, but sadly, many around the globe do not have those same freedoms.

I ask that we all double down our resolve to support our military, and their families who serve right along with them, whether here or abroad, in any way you can or may wish, so that the foundation; the bedrock of our freedoms will never be broken by anything or anyone.

We know little of the cost of the freedoms we have, but the cost is real, and the amount immeasurable.

So I ask that we offer our prayers for these 13 U.S. service members; to all our military and their families, with a clear and unwavering resolve, committed to our devotion to the common thread of freedom, made for people here and abroad and which must never be forgotten, ever.

God Bless our Military, and God Bless America.

Neil S. Dwyer

Village of Monroe
"Community First"

Dear Neighbors,

As a community, we can together each play a small part in keeping our Village beautiful and safe for everyone to enjoy.

I ask for your help in the following ways:

Please keep all grass clippings, twigs, branches, and yard debris clear from all sidewalks and curb lines in the street. This will help to keep our catch basins and pipes clean and in good working order as well as safe passage for folks to walk on our sidewalks.

Please remember that here in the Village we have trash pick-up on Mondays and Thursdays unless Holiday schedule dictates otherwise. We have bulk pick-up on Thursdays only. Remember, you can place only one bulk item out for pick-up. This keeps sidewalks clear and keeps everything looking good and we won't have debris lingering at the curb. (ie: furniture, mattresses, applicances)

Please remember to pick up your pet droppings throughout our parks and in your neighborhoods, as well as not allowing them to urinate on plants and shrubs. This allows for a more beautiful, sanitary and safe environment for everyone.

Please remember our parks are for all to enjoy and they are a treasure to protect.

The Village of Monroe has a "No Solicitation Law", please go to our website to the Village Bulletin Board and click Local Law #7 of 2017 - "No Knock" Solicitation Law. Stop in Village Hall at 7 Stage Road and ask for assistance from our clerks who will gladly answer any questions and provide you with a sign and register you on our No Knock list.

Please visit our website for information on events, opportunities, news in our community or stop in to Village Hall.

We are all here to advise and guide our residents in any way they may need.
Please enjoy the rest of the summer.

All the very best,

Neil Dwyer
Village of Monroe

Frontier Fiber Optic Work
Occurring in the Village of Monroe

December 10, 2020

Good Afternoon Village of Monroe Residents,

Many of you may have already seen trucks in and around the Village of Monroe performing utility work in our neighborhoods and in our streets.

I would like to share with you that this company, SQUAN Solutions, has been contracted on behalf of Frontier Communications to run new fiber optic throughout the Village of Monroe and surrounding areas. There are multiple crews working in multiple areas within our community, and we are working on getting a better idea of where they have already completed work, where they will be working going forward and when. When we have more detailed information we will share it on the Village's website ( as well as through Constant Contact.

In many areas these fiber optic cables are being run underground and may result in the utility workers digging in the Village's right of ways. Any disturbance that may be created by this work will be remedied and replaced in kind. Please note that if it requires the replacement of grass, new seed will be planted in the spring when the weather conditions are more accommodating for seed germination.

Should you have any questions regarding this work or any other work that you see occurring in our Village, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. I can be reached by calling the Village of Monroe's Clerk's Office at 782-8341.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while Frontier completes this much needed work.

Neil S. Dwyer

The Village of Monroe Justice Court now takes online payments! Go to and enter pay location code (PLC): a004-0f (please note the code includes the number 0, not the letter O). All major credit/debit cards are accepted.

A service fee of 2.5% is charged for debit/credit transactions. Neither the Court nor the Village of Monroe receives the fee. The Court also accepts cash or money orders. Please include your case number on money orders or certified checks. No personal checks are accepted. If you have questions you may contact GovPayNow by calling 1 (888) 604-7888.

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Board Meetings

October 5 - Board of Trustees Meeting - 7PM - Agenda
October 8 - Planning Board - 3 PM - Notice
Note: This is a site visit for the 445 Route 17M application
October 12 - Zoning Board of Appeals - 8PM Agenda
October 19 - Board of Trustees:
         Public Hearing "Amending Chapter 195 of the Village Code, Water" - 7PM - Notice
         Public Hearing "Amending Chapter 43 of the Village Code, Vehicle & Traffic" - 7PM - Notice
         Public Hearing "Modifying the Zoning Law to Eliminate Minimum Square Footage Requirements Relative to Certain
         Uses in the Central Business District" - 7PM - Notice
         Meeting - 7PM
October 26 - Planning Board Workshop/Meeting - 7PM

Meeting agendas are posted 24 hours prior to the meeting date.

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